Just because you apply for a job, doesn’t mean it will lend you a job. It’s a lengthy process in most cases. Yes, the resume and cover letter gets you on the eye of the hiring manager, but that’s not the end. The crucial process is the interview(s). Knowing the job description will help you a lot in preparing yourself to answer the interviewer or to ask your questions to interviewer. is here to solve these problems and make it easy for you to manage job listings. It’s a tool to solve the gap after you apply for a job to when you’re interviewed, and to the end when you should follow up with the employer.


1. Download the extension for your favorite web browser.

2. Sign in or create an account and save the login credentials on Options Page.

3. Using extension, start saving listings by going to a supported job board sites (check the list of current supported sites below).

CURRENT SUPPORTED SITES:,,,,,,,,,,,,, and more is being added. If you want any job board site to be on our priority list, please leave feedback. is an organizer web-app for job seekers like you, to help you easily capture and save job listings that you apply to or want to apply to, right from your web browser using Chrome/Firefox/Safari extension. It helps you to easily trace back to the actual job listing (even if the listing gets deleted or expired) anytime, or once you are called for an interview. emails and reminds you when to follow-up with a prospective employer (based on your reminder selection). You can also add a list (offline), view your saved listings, and manage follow-up reminders from your iPhone, Android, Blackberry, or Windows Phone using our app or by going to