was founded in 2013 by Faisal Nahian and Willio Jeudy to help job seekers to easily capture and save job listings right from their web browsers using the extension. Users have access to their saved job listings on any device, phone, tablet or computer – anywhere in the world. Job seekers are capable of easily tracing back to each original job listing, even if the listing has been deleted or has expired. This helps users efficiently reference previous job searches and prepare for interviews.

Key Takeaways:

–          allows users to keep track of and manage their job listings in one place

–          allows users to set up follow-ups and reminders

–          provides users with job resources and leads

–          promotes career networking/social events

–          eliminates copy and paste or writing down job descriptions in Excel or on paper


Mr. Faisal Nahian (Co-Founder)
Faisal graduated from City College of NY where he studied Economics, Business Management & Administration. While in school he launched a non-profit-organization in 2011, ShiftPoors. Currently he works as an Technical Support Analyst at TEKConn Services and attends graduate school part-time. When he is not working or in school, he participates in hackathons and designs websites.
Mr. Willio Jeudy  (Co-Founder)
Willio graduated from Skidmore College in 2005 where he also studied Economics. He got his first taste of the start-up world when he was a graduate student at Cornell University by co-founded MOMO. He spent one year as a consultant at Merlins Group and currently working at Healthfirst as a financial analyst. Willio always has a passion for social goods and helps those who are less fortunate.


Made with ♥ in NYC BigApps Jobs & Economic Mobility Hackathon by Faisal, Frank, & Will. is an organizer web-app for job seekers like you, to help you easily capture and save job listings that you apply to or want to apply to, right from your web browser using Chrome/Firefox/Safari extension. It helps you to easily trace back to the actual job listing (even if the listing gets deleted or expired) anytime, or once you are called for an interview. emails and reminds you when to follow-up with a prospective employer (based on your reminder selection). You can also add a list (offline), view your saved listings, and manage follow-up reminders from your iPhone, Android, Blackberry, or Windows Phone using our app or by going to